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Remarkable woman project


As a woman, artist and mother of three, I feel particularly concerned by the many problems encountered by millions of individuals through out the world, especially as hunger, absence of healthcare and lack of education are hitting the most vulnerable: women and children.


This is why, at my level and as an artist, I wish to be engaged and act in order to raise awareness. I intent, through my art, to make people inhabiting wealthy countries realize the luck and advantages they enjoy but also the obligation of solidarity we owe to the least fortunate.


After extensive thoughts, I came to the conclusion that it was absolutely crucial to inform the new generations, because they will be the ones to potentially insure the end of world hunger and achieve decent living conditions for all.


This is why I have decided to create a collection of paintings, the “Remarkable Women Project”. Each canvas in this collection is a tribute to the women who, in the past, were key contributors to the improvement of their living conditions and fought for their rights. My work also focuses on the women currently engaged personally, via humanitarian organizations, or foundations, helping the millions of people for whom the minimum standards of livings are still not guaranteed.


The collection is composed of eleven canvases. The aim is to inform, start a dialogue on the means necessary to be efficiently involved and why it is important to do so. 


The women or foundations to which I am paying a tribute in my pieces are: Simone Veil, Maya Angelou, Simone de Beauvoir, Rosa Park, Malala Yousafzai, Oprah Winfrey, Shakira (Pies Descalzos Foundations), Angelina Jolie (UNHCR), Aug San Suu Kyi, Sharon Stones (Amfar), Melinda Gates (Gates Foundations).


The “Remarkable Women Project” matches the immense respect and admiration that I have for each and every one of these women.




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